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Confederate Flag T Shirts for Men and Women

confederate flag t shirts
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Below are the small images of our confederate flag t shirts. To see a larger version click on the t shirt image.
Unless otherwise stated each confederate flag t shirt only comes in the color shown in its image.
Shipping charges for North American orders are based on the number t shirts ordered. Shipping for international orders is based on size, weight and destination. View our shipping link for rates. All orders are shipped within 2 business days.

All of our confederate flag t shirts are 100% cotton. All images are screen printed on the t shirts. Not the simple heat transfer method. We guarantee all our products. Printed in and shipped from the US.
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confederate flag decal
Also available is a 'Flag May Fade' decal. This decal can be put on a window, hard hat, bumper etc. It comes in 2", 4", 6" and 12" sizes and is guaranteed not to fade for 5 years.

View decal installation instructions for more info.
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NEW Click here to see new releases as well as confederate flag hoodie and confederate flag long sleeve t shirts, towel and blanket.

Also new we now have 2nd amendment and political t shirts here.